Die Natur des Denkens und das Denken der Natur – Spinoza, Trendelenburg, und H. Cohen

- Amsterdam 2010 Colloquium Jewish Philosophy

The Center for Jewish Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy, VU University, Amsterdam will host a conference on the theme:

Die Natur des Denkens und das Denken der Natur – Spinoza, Trendelenburg, und H. Cohen.

The conference is organized in collaboration with the Hermann Cohen Gesellschaft, in Zürich.

The list of speakers includes: Franco Biasutti ( Padua ), Emanuela Scribano ( Siena ), Detlev Pätzold ( Groningen ), Andrea Poma ( Turin ), Ursula Renz ( Klagenfurt ), Wouter Goris ( Amsterdam ), Marco Giovanelli ( Turin ), Erik Kreiter ( Amsterdam ), Pierfrancesco Fiorato ( Sassari ), Robert Gibbs ( Toronto ), Luca Bertolino ( Turin ), and Reinier Munk ( Amsterdam ). The two languages of the conference will be English and German.

The colloquium is scheduled to take place June 21-23, 2010. Venue of the colloquium will be the Conference Hotel ‘Oud Poelgeest’, which is located in the vicinity of Leiden , The Netherlands.

If you would like to participate in the conference, please let us know by returning email at: NaturDesDenkens@gmail.com You will subsequently receive information about the conference fee and the full program of the colloquium. The program offers the possibility for PhD-students in the field of Neo-Kantianism and esp. Cohen to present their research program. We would like to welcome proposals for PhD-presentations at the email address mentioned above, and encourage PhD-students to apply.

Please be informed that there is a maximum number of 35 participants for this conference.
We look forward to receiving your reply.

Best regards,

Dr Erik Kreiter
Prof. Reinier Munk

Please send all your emails related to the colloquium to the conference’s email address: NaturDesDenkens@gmail.com

Prof. Reinier Munk
Chair History of Modern Philosophy and Modern Jewish Philosophy
Faculty of Philosophy
VU University

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